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Published: 2022-03-23

Burnout and Self-Awareness as Predictors of Psychological Well-Being of College Teachers During the Covid-19 Pandemic

burnout self-awareness psychological well-being mediation analysis Region XII, Philippines


The study determined the influence of burnout and self-awareness on the psychological well-being of College teachers. A total of 300 teachers from private academic institutions have participated in the study. Sets of adopted survey questionnaires were utilized in obtaining data from the respondents. The mean and standard deviation, Pearson r correlation, and multiple regression analysis were utilized as statistical tools in the study.  The results reveal that the degree of self-awareness, burnout and psychological well-being of employees is moderate. Moreover, there is a significant relationship between burnout and psychological well-being (r=-.251, p<.05), and self-awareness and psychological well-being (r=.493, p<.05). On the other hand, among the two variables, it is only the self-awareness have significant influence on the psychological well-being of teachers (β=.475, p<.05).